There are so many different types of workout programs out there.  They each say that they will do this or that for you.  You want more muscle, do this program.  You want to lose weight, do this program.  You want more to be more functional, do this workout.  What you have to remember is that a program will not give you all the things you want.  The key to gaining the max benefits is to have a trainer or coach who knows and understands the program and the movements so that they can guide you through the program.  Its not just watch and copy.  Its not just "dont do that one because you will get hurt".  Your trainers here at the Inferno understand what CrossFit is and what it is supposed to do.  They understand the movements and how to infinitely scale them so that ANYONE is able to do them.  Our training methods and our trainers are the best in the business.  You don't need to have 5 different personal training certs to be a good trainer.  However, our trainers are all certified in Crossfit, among other things.  And Crossfit methodologies is what we specialize in, believe in, and practice.  When you want the best fitness program out there coached to you by the highest trained Crossfit trainers, then come to us.  We will give you what you want and what you need.


_________________________ DSC_0017

"5 Four Times"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 Rounds:

5 reps Wall Walks
*wall walks must start and finish in a down push-up position

5 reps Hang Power Cleans (165#, 115#)

5 reps Front Squats (165#, 115#)




"L"-Sits on Parallettes

* accumulate max time in 3 minutes.


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