I have heard somewhere that to get an activity to become a true part of your routine, it takes around 15 days.  To get out of a routine it takes 3 days.  I know that so many of you love working out.  I know that some of you even become obsessed with the workouts.  As a coach, I love that!!!  But, as a coach, its hard to see people getting out of their routine of coming to the gym.  I see all the hard work people put in and all the improvements they make and then they disappear for a few days, come one day, gone again for a week, come again for one then gone for two weeks. Then they either don't come back or they come back but are so far from where they were fitness wise.  Now, I'm not saying if you missed a bunch of days not to come back because you will be out of shape.  Actually, DO come back so we can get you back into shape!  But what I'm saying is that I don't want you to let small things get in the way of your training.  This training is something selfish just to you.  It is your time to make You better!  So yes its summer, and yes there are parties, and yes there are trips, and yes family will be coming into town.  But don't let yourself stop coming.  Don't let it get out of your routine.  This is the only time in crossfit where routine IS NOT the enemy!!!  I want to see all of you in here:)


_________________________ DSC_0015

"I'm on Fire!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


21-15-9 reps

Hang Squat Clean (155#, 105#)

"L"- Chest to Bar Chin ups




Tire Flip

Max Reps in 3 minutes (Biggest tire, 63 tire)


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