I just saw a very interesting video clip (New exercise technologydesigned for athletes increases production of Human Growth Hormone) about a guy who is the creator of the Vasper system.  this system uses compression bands on the arms and legs as well as cooling vests on the chest and head.  The purpose of this is to keep the body in a higher lactic acid state than normal during a longer less intense workout.  There seems to be a correlation between the amount of lactic acid in the muscles and a reaction by the brain to kick out your own Human Growth Hormone.  The more and longer your muscles are dealing with the lactic acid, the more Human Growth Hormone your body will kick out to your muscles.  In the past we have talked about a Neuro-Endocrine response.  This is exactly that!!  What the researcher has found is that if you put a person in this state, then you are able to workout for less time but gain much higher benefits.  He states that since we do not work to a high intensity, we miss this growth and it actually takes us longer to build and tone muscle.  Well now obviously when he says this, he isn't talking about crossfitters.  We do work a VERY HIGH intensity and we experience that lactic acid burning sensation almost every time we are in the gym.  So when he says that his training is the wave of the future, I say, what took you so long!!!  Keep up the good hard work everyone!!!


_________________________ Buddy squats

"Dead Weight"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


4 rounds

200m Firefighter Carry

20 reps Squats while carrying your partner

50 reps Sit-ups

*This is a partner workout.  Your partner will be laying on the ground on his/her back and you will have to pick your partner up off the ground and carry them over your shoulder during the 200m run and the squats.  If at anytime you need to stop, you must put the partner back down on to the ground and then pick them back up before you can go again.  You can rest with them on your shoulder but if you need to take them off your shoulder, then they go back down to the ground.  Leave them on the ground during the situps..


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