Im teaching the morning classes yesterday and was working with Jamie on some stuff and I turn around and see two people walking towards the gym.  I recognize them but it isn't fitting the location at all.  I see Karianne Dickson of Crossfit Morristown in New Jersey (who is on the CF media team with me) and the Founder of Crossfit, Coach Greg Glassman!!  They walk up and all I can say is, "what are you guys doing here?!?"  After some handshakes and hugs, I showed them our box and we chatted a bit about the Open, etc.  We started talking about muscle ups.  He started teaching me a "back roll to press" on the rings.  Its basically another way to get up over the rings.  Totally different move than I have ever done.  But this is what crossfit is.....doing different things!  Then he put together a workout for me and Karianne to do.  42 GHD situps, 21 Thrusters (115#, 85#), 800m Run, 21 GHD, 15 Thrusters, 800m Run, and 15 GHD, 9 Thrusters, 800m Run.  He then went over some of his thoughts on midline stability and what really happens when you do "L-Sits".  Is it the legs or is it the torsion on the lower lumbar spine tht give out? HAHAH  It was amazing to dive into these movement conversation with the MAN himself!  It was an awesome day with some awesome crossfit names!  Thanks guys for visiting!  You are always welcome to the INFERNO!!!!


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"Meeting the Coach"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


AMRAP in 2 minutes of:

1 reps Squat Clean (185#, 125#)

5 reps Pull-ups

10 reps Regional Burpees

*Do 7 rounds of the AMRAP with 1 minute break between each round





*How much time can u accumulate in 5 minutes.


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