Here at the INFERNO, people will find something different than at the normal gyms.  Here we have a Community.  This is a group of people who come together, talk the same talk, sweat on the same workouts, experience things many others don't understand, enjoy each others successes and are there to help when there are difficulties.  You aren't a number here.  You aren't some random person who comes in, gets on the treadmill and leaves.  You are part of what makes us what we are.  Please continue to enjoy what you are part of.  Come to the BBQs.  Stay after the WODs and cheer on the next classes.  Go to the after-wod meals with us on the weekends.  We are a TEAM, we are a FAMILY, WE ARE THE INFERNO!!!!

Bill is leaving for Chicago today to be the announcer for the North Central Regional Event.  Look for him on the Crossfit Games Review show!


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"Back and Forth"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 Rounds:

100m Weighted Walking Lunges (45#, 25#)

200m Sprint

50 reps Double Unders




Turkish Get-Up

1RM on each arm w Barbell



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