What is GPP?  It stands for General Physical Preparedness.  What the heck is that you ask?  GPP is the ability to be ready for ANYTHING that comes your way.  You are Physically Prepared to deal with any activity.  You have a foundation on which to build all other specific sports, jobs and life tasks.  This is so important because the better athlete you are, the better "EVERYTHING" you are.  Just think if you were a little bit stronger, had a little bit more flexibility, if you had a little bit better balance, if you were a little bit faster, if you had a little bit better coordination, or if you had a little bit better endurance.  Don't you think your life would be quite a bit more enjoyable because of the things you would be able to do?  Me too!!!  Our program does just this.  We make you better so that you are better at life!


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"Bowling Balls!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


4 Rounds:

Shoulder Press

*Max Reps until failure

Push Press

*Max Reps until failure

Push Jerk

*Max Reps until failure


See how heavy you can get. You will start with the Shoulder press and go until you are unable to get any more. Then with out putting the bar down or re-racking, go right into the Push Press. Go to failure and then go right into Push Jerk and go to failure. You must get a minimum of 3-5 reps on the Shoulder Press for the round to count. Take 3 minutes of rest between each round.




3 Rounds:

15 reps Burpees (Regionals Style)

25 reps Toes to Bar


*Regional Burpees are burpees facing two 35# plates stack on top of each other. Do the burpee with chest hitting the deck and then when getting up you jump onto the plate and open hips up while standing on the plates then coming off. You cant jump off plates to open hips.


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