Our own Robby Lorber had a great realization happen yesterday. He learned about Functional Movements.  We talk about Functional Movements all the time here at the INFERNO.  It's sort of a buzz word in the gym and fitness industry but just because a move is a balance move or a "core" move doesn't mean its functional.  A functional move 1) mimics movements in real life (squats, picking things up, putting things overhead, jumping, crawling, pulling, etc), 2) is a multi-joint and multi planer movement (not an isolated movement like a curl, leg extension, etc) and most importantly 3) its a move that we are MADE to do and is SAFE.  If the move that you are doing doesn't fit all three of those items then it isn't a functional movement.  The last part about being SAFE is really important.  For example, the general gym population and other people would say that they don't do Deadlifts because they don't want to hurt their backs and knees.  But this is a movement that everyone does daily! Lifting your kids, lifting your laundry, lifting dog food, etc.  If you train yourself to do the movement correctly then you will be able to lift heavier weights and you will be safe the whole time.  The workouts we do are hard but they are part of the safest workout program out there.  Training functional movements breeds functional strength for a more functional life!


_________________________ DSC_0003

"Lovely Legs"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 rounds:

Back Squats (Body Weight)

*Max Reps

100m Sprint

20 reps Dumbbell Ground to Overhead (50#, 35#)

*Work with a partner. Your rest is when your partner is going.  When they are done, you go. If you dont have a partner then rest for 3 minutes between round.  The point is to go as hard and fast as you can.


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