Our gym is a unique place.  Where else can you find people of all ages, all job types, all body types, all economic types, everything, hanging out together and having something in common. This is so different than all other gyms.  You have a common bound with the others that crush daily like you and with you.  The other different thing about us is that since we are based in a college town, we have to deal with college schedules and the ebb and flow of the college student.  We have a fairly transient group.  We are losing one of our transient members.  Andy has been with us now for almost 2 years.  He has vanished before for fire jobs in the Summer and will be leaving us again for school up north.  Andy you have come a long way in your crossfit career and it is sad to see you go.  You know you will always have a home here.  Carry the Inferno Flame wherever you go and if things ever get tough, know that you have trained yourself to make it through!!!  Good Luck!!

If you think you are one of the top 4 guys or girls in the gym and you want to help make the best team possible to ensure a better chance to the GAMES, please write your name down at the gym on the board. Names have to be there by Saturday and then from that we will decide if an event is needed to determine the top people for the team.  If you have questions, email me!! 



"Bye Andy DSC_0034 "

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Isabel +some

30 reps Power Snatch (135#, 95#)

30 reps Box Jump (24", 20")




4 rounds

5 reps Muscle Ups (or 12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups)

9 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

14 reps Weighted Lunges (45#, 25# bumper overhead)


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