When you have a goal in mind, how do you decide how to achieve it?  We have talked about picking short term goals which are realistic and the little extra effort you need to add in to achieve them.  But what if you have a BIG GOAL!  A big goal or a long term goal is something that may be way out of your realm but you want it badly.  Just because a goal may seem far away doesn't mean that there isn't a better way to go about achieving it. The first thing is to figure out the shortest distance between where you are and where you want to be.  Figure out what your weaknesses might be and how you can fix them.  Figure out what you will be able to work into your daily schedule for prepping.  This is important because if you set a schedule that is unrealistic and you miss some days then you will become disgruntled instead of fired up.  You need to be positive during this time.  Set this schedule up that will speak to your weaknesses and the most efficient route in the shortest amount of time.  Is it a month, a year, or 3 years away?  These different times will change how you need to attack your goal.  Finally, its all about staying positive.  Don't let those thoughts of doubt slip in.  Shut out those ideas that you will not achieve it.  Visualize your success and believe in your success.  Don't let stumbles foul you up.  Just keep on moving!!  What other ideas do you have when you want to achieve a goal? Post them to the comments!!



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"What's your Goal"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


9-7-5 reps

Heavy Thrusters (185#, 125#)

Muscle Ups




Squat Snatch

*15 minutes to find a 1RM


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