What does the world have in store for you?  Everyone has dreams and fantasies about what they want, or would like, to do.  People will take steps to try to ensure that they get to certain places in their lives.  BUT, even with this, there may be things that happen that change our plans or force us to take a different direction than what we thought. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  I feel that its all in what you make of it.  There are people that want a certain job but might not get it.  Sure it will bum them out but maybe it wasn't supposed to happen because something else was in store for them.  Maybe you have some goals in Crossfit and you got injured.  Does that mean your dreams are done?  Of course not!  Take it as a positive and use the time to rehab and fix those injuries.  Get back to the perfect form using light weight and come back stronger and even more ready than before.  Every situation can be seen as a positive or a negative.  Its up to you to determine which one it will be for you.  Give every situation your best shot and if it doesn't workout, turn it into a positive.  Failures are THE BEST learning tools.  Embrace them and then make the changes!!



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" Luv thy Neighbor!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following with a partner:


Front Squat

*10 minutes total to find both of your 1 RM's


then... 1 minute to set up


10 reps 50m Sprints

*use a blue or white band around your waist. Your partner will hold on to the band and you will run the 50m with them dragging you.  Rotate back and forth.  Each sprint is done on 30 secs.  1 rep is you sprint then you are dragged.  Total of 10 minutes


then.....1 minute rest


Partner Grace (205#, 155#)

*as a single unit you will have to do 30 reps of Clean and Jerk on the same bar at the same time.


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