We have many of you guys doing the Miracle Mile fun run from Morro Rock to Cayucos Pier this Saturday.  I hope you all wear your INFERNO shirts and represent your gym in a GLORIOUS fashion!!! Thing like this are so awesome! First they are active activities that you can really have fun with since you all are such badass crossfitters!!  Second, it is a nice way to incorporate  your family and friends into a healthy day.  And third, it is a way to join up with your INFERNO Family and continue that feeling of camaraderie.  We have a really amazing and fun group of people here at the INFERNO.  Its a shame to only enjoy the company of our folks when you are laying face up in a pool of sweat.  So lets do some more things like this!!  I know Shawn is looking to do Saturday Lunch Days after the weekend WODs,  I know there are more fitness type event coming up.  I just saw the flier for the 24 hour Relay for Life here in SLO where you run for 24 hours straight in a relay set up.  It would be awesome to have large groups of people go to the Regionals and I have even started looking into how much it would be to get a "Box" at the Tennis Arena for the Games for just our people!  How sick would that be!!!  Anyways, if you have ideas, send them to me so i can get them up on the EVENTS link, or bring in a flier and we will post it in the back locker room!!! 


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"Speed = Power"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Tabata This

Tabata style for Pull-up, Push-up, Sit-up, and Squats.  Each movement is 8 rounds of 20 seconds max reps and 10 secs rest.  There is only the 10 secs between each new movement.  Score by knocking out your top 2 scores and then averaging the lowest 6 for each move.




400m Sprints

Every 3 minutes for 5 reps


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