Well we are coming to the close of the 2011 World Wide SECTIONAL OPEN!  I would like to hear what everyone thought of the OPEN, the event and the experience.  I had my reservations about the whole thing in the beginning.  I like the idea of going to a venue and having the competition  but i agree with Coach Glassman's thoughts that there are WAY too many people doing this now to have enough centrally located areas to get all the people through.  I know people will complain about cheated scores and bad or false movements.  I also have my personal thoughts on some of the scores that are posted.  However, I have been at Crossfit events where you will have both good and bad judges at those events.  I myself have been HAMMERED by some judges on range of motion when i know i am doing it correctly.  BUt as in ANY and EVERY sporting event, there is going to be the aspect of judging that is out of your control.  So you need to be able to minimize the effects as much as possible by going the full range.  I know that we tried very hard to keep our people as true as possible.  I know for a fact that it was just as fair as if it was at any past Crossfit event.  Tell me what you liked about it and what you didn't like about it.  It looked to me like everyone had a really great time!!!!

Remember to REGISTER here for the final SECTIONAL Event!!!  Click on WOD 1 and use that as your class to sign up for on Saturday!!

THe FOUNDATION CLASS this Sunday will be held at 9am.  REMEMBER TO EMAIL IF YOU ARE GOING!!!


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"Go Baby GO!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Front Squats


*warm up first then all 5 sets must be at %70 of 1RM




10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps Burpees

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps "L-pull ups"


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