Positive thinking....yeah you have heard it all the time when things get tough.  But how many of you actually use it?  It may sound funny to think that you can tell yourself that you will be ok or that you will do great but you really can!!  Positive thoughts are words and phrases that drive you and keep you going.  But just because you tell yourself to win doesn't mean you will win.  It has to be that inner coach that says "just do 5 more reps!", or "stay relaxed and just keep moving".  These are comments that will move you.  Also, if you believe in yourself and what you can do then this will help you as things get tough or you get tired.  We work on movements each and everyday we are here in the gym.  You need to trust in your training and trust in what your coaches have taught you.  Don't let yourself think "its a heavy weight for me and ill never be able to do it!!", or "but my XXX hurts and I wont be able to get through this like I should!".  Tell yourself that you will push hard and that you are ready to do the workout.  Believe that you are ready!  Know that you are ready.  Tell yourself you are ready........AND THEN GO OUT AND RIP IT!!!!!

If you are planning on being at the Saturday Sectional Event I need you to email me or REGISTER by 12 noon today so i can make the heat sheets.  If you did it last night and you want to do it again, you also need to email me so I can fit you in!  Tomorrow will be longer due to the 20 minute AMRAP but we will be running 6 people at a time.  Get fired up cuz its a good one!!!!


_________________________ DSC_0027

"Hold Please"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


3 Rounds:

10 reps Power Clean and Jerk (135#, 95#)

   *Must hold the bar at the top for a count of 5 secs before it comes down

15 reps Pull-ups

   *Must hold chin over the bar for a total of 5 secs before coming back down

20 reps Air Squats

   *Must hold at the bottom of the Squat for 5 secs before coming back up.


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