Sorry for the lack of blogs the last couple days.  We were on Cesar's Bachelor party cruise and didn't have any access to phone, or internet.  I figured the workouts were the main part anyways.  But I just want to tell everyone that if they have never been on a cruise before, MAN are they fun!!!  Although, if you plan to do any working out on board you will have to modify or maybe come up with some unique workouts.  Everyone used the track on the top deck.  I really didn't feel like running around a 1/16 track so I did Hand Stand Push-ups, Pistols and Push-ups in AMRAP fashion.  The next day I found the "Fitness Room" and saw a bunch of machines and a few dumbbells.  I did three individual Tabatas.  I did Hang Squat Cleans, then sit-up, then Tabata Treadmill.  In the short time I was there, I was sweating more, breathing harder and gaining more than everyone that was in there.  There really is no substitute for what we do!  Sometimes you may need to be a little resourceful but that is kind of fun sometimes.  Don't let days pass you by because you don't have the gym, or your special bar, or your special room.  Pick some movements, put them together and do them at high intensity.  Remember, ANY workout can be a crossfit workout if you do it the right way. 

The 5th WOD of the Sectional OPEN will pop up tonight.  I will post it on our blog tomorrow!!


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"Unusually Usual"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


400m Run

21 reps Deadlift (225#, 155#)

21 reps Wall Balls

400m Run

15 reps Deadlift

15 reps Wall Balls

400m Run

9 reps Deadlift

9 reps Wall Balls




Snatch Balance [wmv] [mov]

15 min to build to a good 1RM.


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