Whats the most you are able to give when you workout?  Whats the most you are willing to give when you work out?  These are two very different concepts but all play a role in your workouts daily.  We all have that little voice in our head that says "put the bar down and rest just a little".  Even the greatest athletes hear it but it all depends how much they listen to it.  The winner will always be the one who is able to take just a little bit more pain than the next guy!  When we talk about what you are willing to give, everyone usually will go big here in their head.  Everyone is "willing" to work hard.  But are you really "willing"?  Are you ok with giving everything you have and going to that place that stings?  Again, most are not.  But the ones that are will do well.  This whole thing goes back to the idea of "being comfortable with being uncomfortable".  If you push yourself regularly into that realm, then you will be able to succeed where others are failing.  This will be your power!!!

If you are going to be at the Inferno Members make-up Wod tonight, remember you must show up at 730pm and we will start right at 830pm.  We are having difficulties with the MindBODY so please pay when you come in but you must email me so I can know who is coming.  This will also be the case for those of you coming on Saturday.  You will need to email me by Friday at noon so that we can make heat sheets for Saturday.  Just bring your check with you on Saturday. EMAIL US!!!!


_________________________ DSC_0011


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 Rounds:

20reps Kettle Bell Swing (53#, 35#)

200m Run

5 reps Muscle-ups

*Sub with Jumping Muscle-ups




Front Squats


Warm up then go HEAVY!


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