I know that we had some people that went through the Sectional WOD yesterday and found that they were up against a weight that they have NEVER lifted before.  Was this fair?  Yes. No matter if you are a smaller athlete, or an athlete that hasn't hit that PR mark yet with this weight doesn't mean that it isn't a fair workout.  At the start of the event, I saw some pretty frustrated people.  They were concerned about what if they don't complete the rep, or what if they get a zero, or what if they are last?  By the end of the workout, I saw people with a very different mind set to what happened during the WOD.  Instead of being bummed or upset, every single one turned the seemingly defeating workout in to a positive.  They decided to make it their goal to get that weight.  Some said that it lit a fire under their ass to want to train harder.  I am hoping that when we have those heavy days, that all of you GO HEAVY!!!  This means not just that you put weight on the bar and give it a shot, but that you put weight on the bar and now decide that you are going to do battle with this weight and KICK IT'S ASS!!  You have to learn to not fear the weight.  You have to be able to commit to your movements and to your explosive power.  Believe in yourself and give each movement all you have.  Power needs Strength, Speed and Explosiveness. If you lack any of the three then you will not be moving that bar.  For those that got new PR's today, Great Job!!  For those that decided on some new goals, Great Job!  For everyone that came out to compete, Great Job!!!


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"Work This!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


4 Rounds:

7 reps Push Jerk (185#, 125#)

7 reps Hand Stand Push-up




3 Rounds:

5 reps Back Squat (275#,185# or 70%of1RM)

7 reps Muscle-Ups


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