We start are NEW MORNING CLASSES this week!!!!  We have added a 915am class to MWF's and a 745am class to the TTH!!!!!  Please spread the word and use these classes!!!!!

What are you noticing about when you watch others do the Sectional Workouts?  Well, I see people pushing harder than they normally do!  Well of course! Because its a competition right?  Well sort of.  Whether you are in the Sectionals setting or in the normal everyday workout setting, we say the same thing....."3, 2, 1...GO!!!" and then you are supposed to mash your way through the workout as hard and as fast as you can.  But is the training that you do on a daily basis getting you ready for the Intensity of the Sectional Events, or other incidents?  This is something that you MUST think about.  Sure our workouts make you are tired each and everyday, but are you laying it out the as hard as you can?  If you feel yourself easing up on yourself then you will not be ready.  But even more importantly that being ready for the sectional stuff, you wont be ready for when LIFE attacks you!!!  We want you to push as hard as you can so that when you need to in life, you WILL be able to!!  If you are moving slow then that is the best you will be able to give when your max is called upon.  Don't let yourself be unprepared for the Sectionals, for your sport, your job or life.  Here is where it all happens!!!  PREPARE yourself for your max effort!!!


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"Dont Break These!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


1) Squat Clean  (155#, 105#) AMRAP in 8 minutes

1 rep then put bar down and stand

2 reps then put bar down and stand

3 reps then put bar down and stand

4 reps then put bar down and stand

5 reps then put bar down and stand

...back to 1 rep

*these reps must be unbroken and touch and go.  the only time you may stop or break is in between.


5 min rest


2) Hand Stand Push-ups AMRAP in 5 minutes

 6 reps UNBROKEN

*If you cant get the 6 reps then that round does count.


5 min rest


3) 100m Sprints

1 sprint every minute for 8 minutes.


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