Here we go everyone!  Its the beginning of the second week of this crazy thing we call the Sectional Open! I think everyone is really getting into this new concept now.  It was interesting how crazy everyone got on double unders for this past WOD, especially when we were given an extra week. In most competitions you only have one chance to perform.  Here you had as many as you wanted and then given more time and I saw it really play with peoples heads.  You need to remember that this is a long competition.  Whether you are shooting to get into the top 60 or you are looking to see how you end up, don't let 1 movement throw your whole mindset.  For those that are looking to qualify, it doesn't matter whether you place 1st or 60th, the object is to qualify and move to the Regionals which is where you want to be peaking.  Peaking now is a waste of time.  It's WAY too early.  For those that are just wanting to compete and be part of the biggest Fitness on the Planet, the object for you is to have fun and treat each WOD as just another workout.  Give it all you have!  Sure you should ready yourself by playing with the movements a little but have fun with the event!!  Enjoy the fanfare of Open!  Put it all on the line and then cheer the rest of them around you on.  It will be you that makes the event the best event out there!  You will end up being the CrossFit glue that binds the Crossfit mega-champs and the everyday Crossfitters together.  You are very important to this entire event!!!!

WOD 2 comes out tomorrow!!!!

For those of you that would like to have any of our amazing trainers do some personal one-on-one time with them, please let them know.  Each of our trainers are well equipped to give you some excellent personal training and help you through those rough spots, or help you to master some of those seemingly unreachable goals.  There will be an additional fee for these personal classes.  Contact the trainers to arrange an appointment!!!


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"Where are my Spring Breakers!"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


3 Rounds:

30 reps Pull-ups

25 reps Box Jumps (24#, 20#)

20 reps Hang Squat Cleans (135#, 95#)




4 rounds:

Max Reps Toes to Bar

Max Reps Push-ups.


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