Today we will have our normal 930am class, and our 1045am INTRO TO THE INFERNO class before we get it on with the Sectional Open heats!!!  The Sectional Open will have Heat 1 beginning at 1pm.  All Sectional Competitors need to check in an hour before their heat so that we can check your name off and get a good warm-up.  Check the HEAT SHEET to see your start time.  Also, if you haven't paid yet for this WOD, the cost is $15 and is open to anyone who has signed up with the Crossfit Games Registration. 

So, how do you take care of yourself so that you are able to hit these amazing workouts with more zest than ever before?  I'll give you a very basic prescription: 1) Eat right:  Lean meats, Vegetables, some nuts and fruit, little starch and no sugar or grains, 2) Take Fish Oil: so that you are getting those essential Omega 3 fatty acids which will aid in lowering inflammation in your body as well as helping in healing your body, 3) Get enough sleep:  If you don't get the needed amount of sleep each night then you pump Cortisol, which is a stress related hormone into your body which increases blood sugar, suppresses the immune system by "muting" white blood cells and can be harmful to the body if it is released over a long period of time, 4)  ICE:  IF you have an injury then you need to be icing it with a solid dixie cup of ice to get that direct anti-inflammation effect, and even if you don't have an injury but you are prone to area injuries, ice can be used as a preventative action, 5)  Your workouts: Do not let yourself fall into the trap of only going to particular workouts, hit your weaknesses, make sure to include strength training, and finally 6) REST: you heal and grow when you rest your body, but you also need it mentally so that you are able to come back and attack the workouts.  Listen to your body.  It will tell you what it needs. And as long as you follow these points, then you will be able to have good workouts and keep that body as functional as it can be!!


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"Bottom to Top"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


5 Rounds:

12 reps Front Squats, off ground (155#, 105#)

10 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

2 reps Rope Climbs (Sub:12 strict pull-ups)




Bottom Tabata Squats

* 8 rounds of 20 secs on and 10 sec of rest but when you rest it is in the down squat position.  Score by removing the 2 highest scoring rounds then averging the final 6 rounds




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