The time frame for WOD 1 has been extended!!!  For those that wish to do their event again, you will have that opportunity.  We will be doing the Thursday evening "make-up" for INFERNO members only after the 730pm class.  If you are planning on this, please show up at the start of the 730 class so that we can get you going immediately after the class ends.  On Saturday, we will have our normal 930am class, our normal 1045am INTRO TO INFERNO class and then be doing the Sectional OPEN event with the first heat starting at 1pm.  If you have already done it, you will only have to email to crossfitinferno@gmail.com to do it again.  No need to pay!  If you have not done it yet, then you will have to go to the Games Link in the side bar and scroll to Inferno Registration and it will take you to the MindBODY page to register.  This must be done by Fri at 8am so that heat sheet can be made.  Nothing like another shot!!!

Congrats to Curtis Fortune who just completed his Level 1 Crossfit Certification and passing the ANSI approved test!!!!  Way to go man!!!


_________________________ DSC_0021


INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


2007 Crossfit Games WOD 1:

1000m Row (or 100 reps of SDHP @ 55#, 45#)

immediately followed by 5 rounds of:

25 reps Pull-ups

7 reps Push Jerk (135#, 95#).


*For this workout you will be set into groups of 5 and you will cycle through your row with a 5 minute max time limit on the row.  You will then quickly get off the rower and move to the pull-up bars so that the next group may get on the rower.  This event was decided right before it occurred at the first Crossfit Games.  Those of you that finish first, please cheer on and encourage the ones that are finishing.  Those that are waiting, cheer on those that are going!


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