Below should give you all the info you need to be involved with the 2011 CROSSFIT GAMES Sectional OPEN that opens on Tuesday March 15th with the announcement of the 1st of 6 events.  Follow the information and the links below (Scroll to bottom for all Registration Links):


    If you are hoping to Qualify for Regionals for the Open age group or any of the Masters age groups, are hoping to win any one of the 6 individual WODs, are hoping to be on the INFERNO Affiliate Team that will Qualify for the Regionals or want to score themselves against the other competitors, you will need to do these things:    

                1)  Register on the CROSSFIT GAMES main site and make sure you put that you are wanting to be on the Crossfit Inferno Team. This must be done before Tuesday March 15th. The cost of this is $10.


                 2) For each of the 6 WODS, or for any of the ones you would like to do (you don't have to do all of them, but this will decrease your overall qualifying score for the Regionals) you will need to go the SECTIONAL OPEN link on the INFERNO page any time between Tuesday and Wednesday by midnight and sign-up on our MindBODY Registration page.  The cost per WOD is $15.  Thursday we will compile the names we will post the Heat Sheet on the INFERNO website on the Friday under the Heat Sheet Event link under the SECTIONAL OPEN HEAT SHEETSCIMG1522

                3)  The times for the Heats will be given on the Heat sheet.  Show up at the INFERNO gym 1 hour or so before your heat and warm up.  There will be a check-in process once you are there and you will then be judged on your workout.  Take your SCORE to the CROSSFIT GAMES site and post your score.  The GAMES site will then prompt the Affiliates to "validate" your score and then post the score we gave you.  You will now show that your SCORE is either OFFICIAL rather than UNOFFICIAL on the leader-board.  Then get ready to steps 2 and 3 again the following week!!

4)  If you are going to do a Video Submission to the main site, here are some suggestions that will help!!

                ***If you are unable to do a workout for any reason as Rx'ed or miss one, then it will be considered a DNF.  You are not counted out if you have any DNF's.  Its all on points.  So don't go to the SCALED Category just because you can't do Muscle-ups.  Just try it, skip it, or do the scaled version for that week but not have it counted.

    For those wanting to do the CROSSFIT INFERNO SCALED Competition instead of the Rx'ed Qualifier, follow these steps:

                1)  You DO NOT need to sign-up on the Crossfit Games Registration Page

                2)  You DO need to register on the INFERNO SECTIONAL OPEN page and register on our MindBODY Registration page.  The cost for each of the SCALED WODS is $10. You must register between Tuesday and Wednesday by midnight.  Heat Sheet will be compiled on Thursday and made available on the Friday with times for each heat.  Please arrive an hour before your heat for warm-up and check in.

                3)   Kick ass on the WOD and then repeat the same steps for the next 5 weeks. 19657_704902662315_6423776_40703447_6435152_n

THIS EVENT IS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!  DO NOT COUNT YOURSELF OUT!!! LET YOURSELF HAVE SOME FUN WITH THE WHOLE THING!!  We will try to set up a little gathering at the conclusion of each of the weekly WODS. NOW GET IN THERE!!!!!!!