When trying to increase your work capacity there are a couple things you need to remember.  First no matter if you scaled down or scale up, FULL RANGE of motion is the key.  I know everyone wants to get great times but don't sacrifice that range of motion for time.  Remember we are looking for improvement over time.  If you are keeping yourself honest and going all the way down and all the way up, then you will be used to doing it.  Don't let a competition be the moment that you are told you aren't locking out or you didn't go low enough.  Second, one of the easiest places to change the tempo of your workout would be on any resting between movements or by limiting any breaks between reps.  We naturally have a tendency to put the bar down and then stare at it breathing hard and waiting for long times before we get back on it.  Give yourself a 5 count and then get back in the bar.  Then reduce it to just a 3 count.  And finally, stay relaxed in the workout.  Its too easy to get caught up in thinking how hard the workout will be or thinking how heavy something is.  Stay relaxed and just keep on going. You will get through it and then be able to revel in the success of completing it!!! 

We are looking for help at the Sectionals Open and also at the SLO Health and Fitness Expo.  We will need assistance with judging at the Sectionals and then we will be doing a demo at the Expo and I'll will need a couple people to do the workout on stage.  If you are interested, let me know!  For the Sectional help, it will depend on what the workout is to see how may people we will need.  However give me a heads up if you are interested.  You can still do the workout if you are helping.  We will rotate people through.


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INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


20 reps Burpee Power Cleans (115#, 75#)

30 reps Overhead Squats (115#, 75#)

30 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (135#, 75#)

50 reps Double Unders

20 reps OHS

20 reps SDHPs

50 reps Double Unders

10 rep OHS

10 reps SDHPs

50 reps Doube Unders

20 reps Burpee Power Cleans.


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