Well I seen some serious increase in chatter now about the Sectional Open since our beloved Shawn has started rallying the troops!!!  Thanks Shawn!  I think it will be an amazing time for sure!  How cool is it knowing that you are part of the world wide community that is questing for the WORLD'S FITTEST MAN AND WOMAN ON THE PLANET!!!!  It's coming up fast so you need to go to the GAMES LINK and register for the event and make sure you show that you are an INFERNO athlete.  Once you get this done then its just a matter of waiting until Tuesday the 15th and seeing what the WOD is.  We want everyone, even the people  doing the SCALED WODS to register on the main site.  Then go to the SECTIONAL OPEN link on our site here and it will take you to our MindBODY registration page.  Here you will Register.  Do this before Wednesday by midnight.  We will make heat sheets and post them up on Friday, then Saturday its on!!!!  Again, we will not be doing the 930am class on Saturday the 19th since we want everyone to either do the Sectional WOD or do the SLO HEALTH AND FITNESS 5k FUN RUN on that day for the WOD.

We wanted to thank some visitors for coming by last night:  Scott from CF Reddings and Alec and Tom, 2 Crossfitters from Australia who are taking a trip around the states and wanted to make sure and hit up the INFERNO while on their trip.  It was great meeting and wodding with you guys!!!


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"I love Girls"

INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:




Squat Cleans (135#, 95#)

Ring Dips






Deadlifts (225#, 155#)

Hand Stand Push-ups.


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