Why is this stuff so addicting? Why is it that you feel so amazing after these crazy workouts?  Well there is the physiological reason of the endorphins being pumped into your body that give you that euphoric feeling.  Its the same bodily chemicals that make you feel good when you take drugs (don't take drugs kids!) or when you eat chocolate, etc.  So of course you have this on your side.  But there is also a sense of empowerment when you do these workouts, a sense of pride, being proud of yourself.  People in other gyms do not workout as hard as you do.  The things you are doing freak others out!  So the fact that you are here, and putting yourself on the line with these unbelievable workouts gives you the confidence to take on other challenges.  Crossfit is about doing more work over broad time and modal domains.  Of course this has to do with moving weight around but if you are confident in yourself or not afraid to push yourself hard on a normal basis, then you are operating at a much more efficient level.  You can take on ANY task!  And this is a very good feeling!!

I was wondering if those of you were who were not planning on competing in the Sectional Open, would be involved if we had a scaled class?  You would not be able to qualify to the Regional, but we really want to get as many people involved as possible.  This could go for non members as well.  Posts your thoughts on the board. If it sounds like something people would get involved in, then we would be more than happy to add that to the Sectionals!!!  Also, I would like to do some sort of gathering after each of the Saturday WODS.  Any ideas??  Post it up!!!


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"Fancy That!"

INFERNO Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


4 rounds: (20 min time limit)

3 reps Cleans, any style, (90% of 1RM)

6 reps Muscle-ups (Sub is 12 Strict Pull-ups)

12 reps Pistols (6 each leg).




Max Double Unders in 5 minutes

*if you dont have double unders then you now have 5 minutes to practice it.

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