I forgot to mention a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our youngest INFERNO FIRE-BREATHER, Jackson Allison!  He turned 18 years old yesterday and will only be with us a couple more months before he goes off to school.  It is amazing to watch people grow and improve in there Crossfit.  Jackson has had UNBELIEVABLE changes in his movement and in his performances with us.  This increase in General Physical Preparedness, or just being a better all around athlete, has helped him to become a much better Water Polo Player, and better Swimmer.  I cant say how glad we are that his mother came to use and asked what we were all about and gave him this opportunity to grow physically.  I hope that we have done our part as coaches to give him the physical and the mental tools to go to college and wreck some people!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON!!!

I want to thank Shawn Guy and Brooke Lorber for setting up the PALEO POT LUCK BBQ for Sunday March 13 at Cuesta Park.  It is things like this that complete the commiunity circle for our Inferno Team.  We need to be able to train hard but then play hard together.  We want to do more of these thing.  So if you have an idea you would like to get the group to do, bring it up to us and we will let you run with it.  For example, Terrence is thinking about a movie night idea that could be really fun!!  Lets do it!!


_________________________ DSC_0026


INFERNO Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


3 rounds:

400m Run

30 reps Ring Dips

20 reps Burpee Box Jumps (24", 20").




Shoulder Press

*12 min to find 1RM

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