We have been going through a TON of chalk lately!!!  It is ending up ALL over the place.  I think we need to have a little bit of chalk etiquette and use in todays blog.  First off, chalk is supposed to aid in the absorption of moisture on your hands.  This will aid in your grip when you use the bar for heavy lifts.  However, it DOES NOT mean that you need to use so much chalk that every time you go to grab the bar you need to re-chalk up.  A light dusting is all you need when you do use it.  I am seeing a MANY MANY super white hand prints on the ground.  If you chalk your hands and then clap your hands a few times in the bucket, it will get more of the chalk off and not set up your hand to get all caked with white donut powder.  For pull-ups, you do not want to stick, especially if you do the butterfly. You need to be able to slide a little otherwise you will tear  your hands by being to sticky.  Go light on the chalk everyone!!

We are looking at adding a morning class to each of our Monday through Friday Classes.  We will be doing MWF 8am, and 915am.  On Tuesdays and Thursday we were thinking about doing 630am and 745am, or 6am and a 715 am.  Have any thoughts about these?  Those of you who are our morning people, what do you think about these ideas?  Please post here or on the board at the gym


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"Explane it Again?"

INFERNO Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


Deadlift on 4 inch platform and DU's


*warm-up first, do a heavy warm-up, then get into your 1st set of 5 reps.  It should be around 70-80% of your normal 1RM. 

**Immediately after you are done with the Deadlifts (not including warm-ups), do 20 reps of Double Unders.  Sub for these will be tuck jumps.




Alternating Tabata

Overhead Squat (135#, 95#)


*8 rounds of 20 sec OHS, 10 sec rest, 20 sec Pull-ups, 10 sec rest.  Score by knocking out your highest  2 scores in each movement (even though you are alternating and then get and average for each movement.  IE, OHS are 15, 12, 11, 11, 10, 9, 9, 5.  Dont count 15 and 12, then divide your total by 6 instead of 8.  Get your score for the OHS and your score for your Pull-ups.


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