Well we are 2 weeks out from the CROSSFIT GAMES SECTIONAL OPEN QUALIFIER!!!!!  We will be hosting the Event here at the INFERNO Gym and it is OPEN TO EVERYONE AND ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PUT IT TO THE TEST.  This is how it will work.  The Workout is posted from crossfit.com on Tuesday starting March 15th.  You will need to go to our web page either Tuesday or Wednesday and click on the OPEN QUALIFIER tab.  This will take you to our sign-up location.  Now you need to Register with HQ first for $10 but then you will be registering for each workout that you will do with us here.  Each workout will cost approximately $15 to do.  We will then have heat sheets made up and available on the Friday of each week and then we will have the EVENT on Saturday.  Based on the first weekend, we will still have our normal Saturday classes but the event will start around 2pm for the first heat.  We will let you know as it gets closer. 

Judging will be a big deal.  We are going be asking for help as judges depending on the numbers of people we have registering to do the workout.  The majority of our judges will be our Level 2 and Level 1 trainers but we will also utilize some of our more experienced crossfitters who truly understand the movements.  We need this to be as accurate as possible so that we can keep the integrity of the GAMES.  Here is a link discussing JUDGING.

The other option for you crossfitters out there that cant make it to the INFERNO, and cant make it to another box to be validated would be to video your workout.  There are going to be some strict standards on videoing.  Here is a link to info on that...VIDEO WODS.  We know everyone has tough schedules and the fact that the video option is there for you means that EVERYONE can compete.  We are looking forward to an amazing time with with everyone!!


_________________________ DSC_0009


INFERNO Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


3 Rounds of:

10 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

20 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95#, 65#)

30 reps Kettle Bell Swings (53#, 35#)




Clean and Jerk (85% of 1RM)


*These are touch and go off the ground and are either squat or power cleans.


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