Last week there was I say grumbling about pull-ups being done a couple days in a row.  First off, I have to tell you that doing pull-ups days in a row should not be a problem.  Now if we were doing max pull-ups each of those days, then yes you can grumble.  But the reps schemes that occurred were not something that was unreasonable at all for all you insanely athletic INFERNITES out there!:)  However if the issue was that you had hand tears or blisters, then we need to discuss hand care.  First off, you need to make sure that you DO NOT have giant callouses building up on your hands.  These large pads just end up being places that stick to the bar and then rip off taking good skin with it.  You need to trim them down with one of those pedi-egg.  Its like a small cheese grater and it will take the extra skin away so that it is not a hulking mass.  Don't go to deep though.  You want protection, just not mounds of skin.  Secondly is taping your hands.  Heres a video on it for ya!
[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Taping your hands for pull-ups from CrossFit Los Angeles on Vimeo.

Oh the Sectional Open is almost here!!!!!!  First WOD will be announced on Tuesday March 15th!!!!!!


_________________________ DSCN2922

"Brooke luvs Burpees"

INFERNO Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


Burpee Clock

*do 1 burpee in the 1st minute, 2 in the next minute, 3 in the 3rd, etc until you are unable to make it through all the reps in that minute.  If you do not compete the 10th minute then you have to do the penalty rounds.  After the round that you were unable to complete, take 1 minute rest.  Then do 3 one minute rounds of 70% of your high completed round.  Ie, if you completed the 8th round but failed in the 9th, take 1 minute rest then do (8x.7=5.6 or 6) 6 reps for each of the next 3 one minute rounds.




300m Overhead Walk (135#, 95#)

*Walk around the building while holding a barbell overhead.  Drop it whenever you need to but you must stop where you are.  it cant roll to get more distance..


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