So we have had many inquiries about the Sectional Qualifier that we will be doing  here at the INFERNO gym starting on March 19th.  First off, the event is open to EVERYONE!!!!!  We will be putting on this event at the INFERNO for ALL who want to be involved.  We will have a sign-up procedure that we will be announcing on the site in the next couple days.  But there will be an online sign-up and we will then put together heats.  Then let it all hang out on Saturday!!!  Stand by for updates!

We have such an amazing community here at the INFERNO!  I love to hear all the things you all have to say.  On this site, we have a comment section that allows all of you....any of you the ability to chat it up with our other INFERNITES from all over the world.  We are looking for you guys to post what your scores and time from the workout were.  But we are also looking for you guys to chat it up about all things INFERNO!  So don't just go waiting for a member to post about an eating Twinkie party to hop in.  Chat it up!  Its for our people so let me see some comments on there!!!word


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"Settin 'em up!"

Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


3 Rounds:

15 reps Back Squats (Body Weight w/o rack)

30 reps Pull-ups

45 reps Double Unders

*If scaling the Squats, do the heaviest weight you can clean up and then put behind your neck.




Push Jerk from behind the Head

*10 min to find a good 1RM


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