Are you getting excited??  The road to the 2011 CROSSFIT GAMES starts here with the Sectional Qualifier at the INFERNO Gym!!!  Starting March 19th, we will be hosting the weekly WOD that will put you in the running against the rest of the world to see who is the fittest!  The following video are some highlights from the Games last year.  There are some amazing people there for sure. Come and be involved with the biggest festival of fitness ever created!!! Remember its not about the win, its about the QUEST and seeing what you can accomplish!



_________________________ DSC_0014

"Rope This"

Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


4 rounds of: (max 20 minutes)

10 reps Power Cleans (155#, 105#)

2 reps Rope Climbs

*Sub is 15 strict Pull-ups per round




10 total reps of 50m Sprints

*every 30sec for 5 minutes.


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