How many times should you do these crazy INFERNO workouts a week??  I am asked this question all the time.  If you are just starting with us, I say to workout as often as you can.  There is a ton of learning that happens in the beginning.  All of these Olympic lifts and gymnastic moves take time to figure out.  When you are learning, the intensity isn't as high as it is when you actually have the moves down.  Are you tired and sore from the workouts?  Yes!  So we know you are getting a good workout.  Give yourself a day to let your body repair.  Or two if you need it in the beginning.  Once you get to the point where you are attacking the workouts then you can use the rule of thumb of 3 days on and 1 day off.  Do you NEED to workouts 7 days a week with super high intensity and moving heavy weights?  Not at all.  This 3 and 1 allows you to have a day to heal the body and a day to give your mind a rest as well.  Working at high intensity isn't just tough on your body, its hard on your mind as well.  Once you are a regular, follow the 3 on 1 but do it loosely.  Its ok to do 5 days if you are feeling good.  Its ok to do only 2 days straight if you aren't feeling up to it.  Its even ok to do 3 days as hard as you possibly can and then on the last 2 days to decrease your intensity and go through the motions.  Don't let schedule become a total routine. Change it up all the time!  Keep on Pushing!!!!!

Tomorrow we will have the INTRO TO THE INFERNO CLASS starting at 1045am.  This is a FREE class for anyone who wants to see what we are all about and it is set at a beginners level.  We welcome everyone to come see what the INFERNO has to offer!!  Members, invite those newbies to come see us!!



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"Just one?"

Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


7 rounds:

5 reps Hand Stand Push-ups

10 reps Deadlift (185#, 125#)

10 reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups

20 reps Double Unders


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