We have talked about how we at the INFERNO define fitness.  This is important because how do you know what your goal is if you cant define it.  Ask yourself if all those other gyms out there define what fitness is for you.  I ran into gym owner who said that we do "DIFFERENT FITNESS" at the INFERNO rather than what they do at their gym.  I just kind of smiled but inside I was really disturbed.  What is "DIFFERENT FITNESS"?  I guess you can have different definitions of fitness, but is our fitness different because our workouts are hard?  Why are people so afraid to push themselves hard and really get into "shape"?  Our bodies can not be ready to go and take on the world unless we push it to it's limits.  This does happen here each and everyday.  So do we do different fitness here?  I don't think so.  We train for true fitness: a high aptitude in all 10 areas of physical characteristics, the ability to do any task decently, and to train in all 3 metabolic energy pathways.  Crossfit is the ONLY gym or methodology I have seen that defines fitness.  This is our definition and this is why we train the we we do!!!  Keep up the good work everyone!!!

We will have our FOUNDATION CLASS this Sunday starting at 11am.  Please email us and let us know if you will be attending this required 3 hour class for our unlimited members.


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"5 minutes of 5"

Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


5 min Row

2min rest

5 min Double Unders

2 min rest

5 min Sit-ups

2 min rest

5 min Rope Climbs

2 min rest

5 min Ring Dips.

* The trainer will set the order for the events.  You may start at an event other than Row to start.  Score by counting the reps or calories total for each round.  The rope climb is 10 reps for each completed ascent, the sit-ups are 1 rep for every 2 sit-ups. 


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