We are doing our famous INFERNO FOUNDATIONS CLASS this Sunday starting at 11am.  For those who still need to take it, please email us so we know who will be there.  If you are one of our 3 month Unlimited members and need this required class please email us so we know you are going to make it!!

What is a FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT?  It is a movement that is safe, necessary for independent living and is multi-joint and multi-planar.  These movements are jumping, running, squatting, lifting things off the ground, picking things up and putting them up high, pushing things overhead, pulling your body up, and supporting your body.  You will never see isolated muscle movements here.  If you want to work your arms, then the 80-120 pull-ups will do this.  We want to train your body to move the way it moves in nature, muscle groups in unison.  Your body VERY VERY rarely moves a single muscle isolated to do a task.  So we don't train that way.  Enjoy the functional body and the functional life you will get from this training!!!


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"How Fast!"

Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


7 rounds: (20 min max)

3 reps Clean and Jerk (155#, 105#)

5 reps Burpees

10 reps Chest to Bar Pull-ups

1 minute rest

*The object here is to go full blown, all out as fast as you can go without any rest on the reps and then take your 1 minute rest in between each round.  The Clean and Jerks need to be touch and go, the burpees need to be as fast as possible and the chest to bars need to be true chest to bar but as fast as possible.  Make your transitions between movements as little as possible.




Front Squats (65% of 1RM)


* Warm up first then get into the rounds


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