Happy Valentines Day to all my INFERNITES out there!!!  And since this is a day of the heart, we will give you a good one for the heart!  This is Murph!!!  Now since this takes some time to do, you will only have a total of 10 minutes to get yourself stretched out and warmed-up.  Mostly because the workout itself will get you warmed-up as you get going.  Remember there is still scaling that can occur here so don't get all messed up by what you see.  This is what we call a hero WOD and it is supposed to make you feel amazing!!!!!!  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!

We will be doing a FOUNDATIONS CLASS this SUNDAY at 11am!!  If you are needing it, and there is a big list of you guys up on the board int he gym, email us so we know you will be there!!!!


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Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


1 mile run

100 reps Pull-ups

200 reps Push-ups

300 reps Squats

1 mile run


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