There is tons of talk in the "health food" and medical arena about the effects of eating red meat on your risk for heart disease.  Yet all of us Paleo eater push eating meat all the time so whats the story?!?!  Well I don't want to get into all the government conspiracy theory stuff  but why do you only hear about the reports that are against eating meat when there are just as many reports about how eating meat is good for you.  I found an article that might be a nice little addition to your Robb Wolf Paleo Books!  Check this out!!

Just in case you are looking for the "INTRO to INFERNO" Class today, it will be at 1045am.  There is a regular class today also but that will be at 930am.  See you at one of them!!!!


_________________________ DSC_0002

"Do WORK!"

Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the following:


4 rounds of

400m Run

8 reps Power Cleans (205#, 145# or 70% of 1RM)




Max Reps in 5 Minutes:

Double Unders and Push-ups

*Start with doubles and go under you miss one then you do push-ups until you must stop or pause or break your count. Once you stop, you are back on the ropes.  Go back and forth.  Score how many DU's and how many push-ups.


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