So how do you know when to go Rx'ed or not in the workouts?  Maybe you have the strength to do a certain weight but you can only do it one time.  Well if the workout called for 50 of them then doing the Rx'ed weight isnt going to work for that workout.  The most important thing about the workout is to get the desired metabolic effect of the workout.  What this means is that if the workout is supposed to take you between 6-10 minutes but you are doing it in 15 minutes then there is a problem.  Were you able to complete the desire amount of work?  Yes, but what was your intensity level? The slower you go, the lower your INTENSITY.  Now there is a fine line between the right weight and the right intensity.  If you go too light and you go super fast, then your intensity is up but the amount of work that is done is not enough to get the desired effect.  And you know what happens if you go to heavy.  As your strength increases, you will be able to move up and get closer to those Rx'ed weights.  We, the trainers, will be assisting you with your weights.  If we see you struggling, or your form is all out of whack, or your form is too perfect, or you are going to slow, or are just moving through the workouts without any kind of attack, then we are going to make whatever adjustments we need to affect a better workout.  Please do not take offense if we tell you to lower the weight.  Its not saying you are not strong but we want you to get the most out of your workout.  Just because you think you can do it doesn't mean its the best workout for you.  Your workout is guided by our trainers for just that reason.  Our job is to make you the most FIT people we can.  But, you need to let us do our job.  So if you are unsure what weight to use, ask the trainer, if they see an issue, they will say something.  Lets make sure you get the best possible workout you can!!!

A few things coming up......Crossfit Open Secional, Crossfit Affiliate Team Qualifier, Spartan Race.


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"TGU's, not TGIF!"

Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the Following:


100 reps Turkish-Getups (53#, 35#) (25 minute limit)

*You can do whatever arm you want and switch whenever you like as long as you get to a total of 100 TGU's. Scale Weight or Reps as needed.




Box Squats (65% of 1RM)


*Warm-up first with lighter weight and then 1st set of 5 can be 45-50% of 1RM.  The last 4 sets must be all held at 65% of 1RM and go for speed when you are coming up and opening your hips.  Remember to start with your legs wider than your normal squat and you will sit WAY back to get your but to the box.  Sit all the way on the box and then explode up.  Your knees should be behind your ankle when you sit down.


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