Our INFERNO tribe is growing each and everyday!  We have new people coming in to check us out now and signing up on a regular basis.  I want to make sure that everyone understands how we treat people into our gym.  If you don't know someone, introduce yourself.  It was scary when you first entered the INFERNO.  Imagine it now with tons of people and tons of weight thrown around.  Don't wait for them to come up to you.  They took the big step and came to us.  Its now up to the members to welcome them into the group.  Then when you are working out, cheer them on.  It always feel better when you are wrecking yourself and there are people rooting for you the whole time.  What do you think think all this does?  It teaches them to be the same way.  The difference between our gym and the globo-gym is that the people here are all on the same team.  All the great teams i have been part have some very similar parts to them.  First, they are made up of some VERY different individuals.  If you look at at our group, we have every type, sex, age and ability represented all under the same roof.  Everyone is here for a common goal, their personal Ultimate Fitness.  Everyone is involved in the same workout.  We are sweating together, gasping togehter, sometimes bleeding together and pushing each other.  It is a VERY healthy and VERY positive atmosphere.  Finally, everyone in here is important.  You arent just a number to us.  You are a family member.  We want to change your life and make it and you the best you have ever been.  And we need everyones help to do all of these things.  Lets show the world how great the INFERNO really is!!!!  See you in the gym!!!!

A few things coming up......Crossfit Open Secional, Crossfit Affiliate Team Qualifier, Spartan Race.


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Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the Following:


21-15-9 reps of: (20min max)

Thursters (95#, 65#)

Burpees over the bar




Sumo Deadlift High Pull [wmv][mov]


*Warm-up with a light set then your 1st set of 5 should be relatively heavy.  The final  sets should be heavy but you CAN NOT jerk the weight.  This means once you open your hips, your legs stay locked or it doesnt count.  See how heavy you can go!


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