I saw some of the comments yesterday chatting about eating.  At the INFERNO, we push the PALEO diet. We feel it is the most perfect diet that is genetically designed to work with our DNA.  Our bodies haven't changed all that much in 10,000 years so why has our diet?  Whole, unprocessed, meats, vegetables, nuts and fruit are the cleanest types of fuel we can get.  Now, when people talk about diets, they want to lose weight and they way the try to do it is by limiting the AMOUNT of food that goes in.  This is called PORTION CONTROL.  Our diet does not have a portion control.  You can virtually eat all you want.  But ours is a CALORIC RESTRICTIVE diet because the amount of calories are FAR less than the normal FOOD PYRAMID.  When your diets foundation is wheat, bread and grains, you have a ton of high carb foods shoved into your body.  We don't need that!  Yes our body needs to have carbohydrates, mostly for brain function, but you will get all you need from vegetables and fruit.  Your body can actually make carbs from proteins and fats that you take in.  There are such things as ESSENTIAL FATS and ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS (or proteins) but there ARE NOT any essential carbs.  So with this, your caloric intake will be lower.  The way to counter balance too much weight lose with this is upp-ing your amounts of good fats first.  You also need to make sure you are eating enough in general.  I see what people eat all the time on Paleo diets and I need to tell them often to eat more.  So if you hear that you aren't getting enough calories in your diet, make sure you are eating well, and know that the calories that you are taking in are MUCH more abundant in nutrients than what most of the other "bread-ers" out there are eating!


________________________ DSC_0115


Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the Following:


5-4-3-2-1 reps for each couplet, no break between the couplets

A.  Deadlifts and Muscle-ups (315#, 195#)

*do 3:1 pull-ups for MU sub

B.  Clean and Jerks and Hand Stand Push-ups (225#, 145#)

C.  Power Snatch and Burpees over the Bar (135#, 95#).

*The object here is to have 3 of the same plate on each side, then at each new couplet you will strip the outside one off and continue.  Scale as needed.




200m Sprints (10 minutes total)

5 reps on 2 minutes


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