FOUNDATIONS CLASS will start today at 730am.  It will be a 3 hour class so be ready to be in the squat position for much of the time!  But here is where we will start that correct muscle memory for those important body movements.  Bring cash or check, $100, to the gym or pay online unless you are an unlimited member who paid for our 3 month Unlimited Plan.

Today is our "INTRO TO INFERNO" Class starting at 1045am.  This has been a great success for many who were initially nervous about the INFERNO Training.  In this class, we will introduce you to our style of training in a true beginner atmosphere.  Bring your workout clothes and get ready see what all the talk is about!!!!  And best thing about it..............ITS FREE!!!!!!


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"Descending Love"

Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the Following:


AMRAP in 8 min

4 reps Hang Squat Clean (135#, 95#)

8 reps Pistols (5 each leg)

12 reps each arm Single Arm DB Snatch [wmv](50#, 35#) 4 minutes

Repeat AMRAP for 6 minutes  3 minutes

Repeat AMRAP for 4 minutes




Max Double Unders in 5 minutes

*If you have 'em, then get as many as you can.  If you dont have 'em, then you have 5 minutes to learn and try to get some.


Post number of rounds from each series to comments: