Foundations Class will be starting at 7am tomorrow morning.  This 3 hour class is going to give you some very specific and specialized instruction on the 9 basic moves in INFERNO Training.  Improving these movements is going to allow you to more successful workouts, safer workouts and more efficient workouts.  Email us and let us know if you will be there!!!


People will do the Wildflower triathlon, or run a marathon, or do a stair climb event for many reasons.  Maybe its because its one of their "bucket-list" items, or because it sounds like fun, or because they just want to see how they would do.  I am hoping that MANY of you look at the Sectional Qualifier for the Crossfit Games as the same thing!  We put you through amazing workouts each and everyday.  Why not do some workouts that others from all over the world are doing!  Lets have a huge team do this and have some fun, cross it off your bucket-list, or just see how you finish!!  March 15th is when we get started!!!!!


________________________ DSC_0005


Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the Following:


4 Rounds of :

400m Run

15 reps Overhead Squats (95#, 65#)

21 reps Sit-ups




Tabata Deadlifts and Push-ups

(225#, 155# for deadlifts)

*8 rounds of 20 sec max reps and 10 secs rest of the deadlifts and then 20 secs max reps and 10 sec of rest for the push-ups.  Each round is 1 minute long.  Total time is 8 minutes.  Score with the lowest 4 rounds of each movement and then the average of each.


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