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Thanks Brandon and Terence for bringing up Kyle Maynard.  For those who don't know who he is, he is a congenital amputee that doesn't have legs and only has arms to just above his elbows.  But despite all this, he was a champion wrestler, played football, has competed in MMA fights and you can see he competed in last years Qualifiers for the Games.  He is also a motivational speaker and has a book called "No Excuses".  He doesn't let things stop him from what he wants to do.  Do you?  He competes, and enters events not because he wants or needs to win.  He does things for the pure joy of doing them.  He also does what is functional for him.  Will he be able to do things the same way you or I do? No.  But he does it the way he needs to and as close to the "perfect" form as he can.  Everyone will say he is an Inspiration.  You just cant argue that.  But we can all be the same way and have the same attitudes he has.  Post your thoughts!!

We will be having our Foundations Class this Saturday starting at 7am.  This 3 hour class is required for all of our Unlimited members and is HIGHLY suggested for ALL of our members.  It will give you specific instruction on the 9 basic moves of Inferno Training!  Email here if you are planning on coming!!!


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"Try This On! "

Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the Following:


3 rounds:

7 reps Ground to Overhead (155#, 105#)

15 reps Burpees

Shuttle Run

*from start line to 25m and back, 50m and back, 75m and back




Tabata Ring Push-ups

*8 rounds of 20 sec on and 10 secs rest of Ring Push-ups.  The scale is full ring push-ups, ring push-ups on knees, regular push-ups, and knee push-ups.  Score total of your 4 lowest rounds.


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