There are tons of comparisons about Crossfit and P90X.  Some will say they are basically the same thing.  those that have done both know that its not really true.  Are there some similarities?  Sure there are.  But any workout that uses functional movements done at high intensity can be considered a crossfit workout.  The problem is when you do the same workout all the time then it fails to be crossfit.  One of the famous crossfit workouts is "Fran".  If you were to make this your exclusive workout, then it would cease to be "crossfit".  Coach/Founder/CEO of Crossfit, Greg Glassman has made a comment about hearing that because of the $1 million dollar purse for the Crossfit Games this year.  Many have raised concerns about many professional athletes or people who do other fitness regimens coming in and crushing the Games.  Glassman has welcomed ALL to come and try!  He said that if you do P90X and you feel that it has made you an ultimate athlete, then come and show what you've got.  The competition this year is going to extremely fun and extremely exciting!!!!!!  Let see what the world has to offer!!!!


________________________ DSC_0065


Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the Following:


5/50-4/40-3/30-2/20-1/10 reps

Squat Snatch (135#, 95#)

Double Unders.




Hand Stand Clock

*Do 1 HSPU in the 1st minute, 2 in the 2nd, 3 in the 3rd, etc and continue until you are unable to get the desired number of HSPUs in that minute.  You must at least complete the 10th round.  If you do not complete the 10th round, then you will take 1 minute rest and then do 3 rounds of 70% of your highest completed round.  So if you finished the 7th round but not the 8th round, you will take 1 minute rest then do 3 one minute rounds of 7x.70=4.9 or 5 reps in each of those rounds.  If you are unable to complete those reps in the minute, then you must just complete the total number of reps left.  So in the example, you would need to complete 15 reps before you are done.


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