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I think this is a really cool commercial.  What i like about it is the fact that big companies are FINALLY starting to understand whats going on with the whole running thing.  Since the barefoot running movement and the pose running methodology has started to pick up steam there have been a bunch of different ideas out there.  The Vibram Five Fingers, the Innov-8, Converse, Vans, etc.  Even the Nike Frees have BLOWN-UP and you see them on everyone.  Some of these shoes are being made famous by big name Crossfitters and many will copy because they want to be like the best out there.  Whats really important is to make sure you are doing research to see what YOU think ins the best out there, and whats best for you!  I have my personal favorites and everyone should.  Here is a link the Crossfit Endurance man, B-Mack.  Here is his thoughts on shoes.  See what you think and Post it to the comments!


________________________  DSC_0013

"No Weights Needed"

Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the Following:



100 reps Pull-up

100 reps Push-ups

100 reps Sit-ups

100 reps Squats


Box Jumps

*Find your max height (10 minutes)


Hand Stand Holds

*Max time out of 3 minutes.


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