Questions are popping up all over the world about the CrossFit Games Sectional Qualifier.  Last year there were over 4500 people who entered the quest to see who the fittest on the planet was.  This year, rough estimates are around 10,000!  The way they are allowing the entries to happen will enable anyone to do it and they will have a multitude of locations in which to compete.  The WOD will be start to be posted on Tuesday March 15th at 5pm.  You will then have until Sunday of that week to complete the wod either by video or at a box that "Opts-in" to do that particular event.  This will continue for the next 5 weeks.  Everyone, open, master, etc must do all the events to get the best overall score and hopefully qualify to the next step which is Regionals.  We will be "Opt-in" for as many of the events as possible.  This is really going to be a fun deal for everyone!  Yes its different than last year but its ok!  Dont get all freaked out about what it is.  Lets just have some fun with this and show the world what we have!!!!  


________________________  DSC_0033

"Feel the Sizzle!"

Inferno Warm-up X 3

Complete the Following:


AMRAP in 9 minutes

6 reps Deadlifts (275#, 195# or 60% of 1RM)

7 reps Burpees

8 reps Wall Balls (20#@10', 15#@10')





21-15-9 reps

Thrusters (95#, 65#)



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