Once again, today we will be having our "INTRO to the INFERNO" Class starting at 1045am.  This class will let anyone of ANY and EVERY ability level come in and see what the INFERNO experience is all about.  Come see what all the chatter is about!!!  And best of all....its FREE!!!!!

For our regular members, I am again asking who is interested in doing the Sectional Event this year!!  We will be looking for any of you who would like to compete as an individual, or on our Affiliate Team.  There will also be age group divisions of 45-50, 50-55, 55-60 and 60+.  Please don't think about this as "I'm terrible and have no chance to win".  This isn't what its about.  Its not about winning....its about testing yourself.  This year is a totally different setup and we will be doing the events each week right here in our own box!!!  So its us pushing ourselves and cheering each other on!!!  We have some amazing people in our gym at all levels and i want to see you all test your new found skills and abilities!!!!  Post up if you are interested or have questions!!!


__________________________ DSC_0007

"Got it in the Tank"

Inferno Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


1000m Row

50 reps Burpee Pull-ups

800m Run

*Start at 5 min intervals for the Row.  If you do not finish in the 5 minute time frame you will be asked to move to the burpees pulls.  Rx height of pulls is your outreached hand (8', 7').  Scale with height of bar for pulls, or do Burpee Jumping Pull-ups. The Burpee Pull-up is just that, dropping yourself to the ground and touching your chest, then doing a push-up and bring your legs back under you and standing verticle and finishing with a jump to the pull-up bar and pulling your chin over the bar.


...once you are done.....


Remaining time (or 12 min max) to find your 1RM Push Jerk

(Shoulder Press/Push Press/Push Jerk tri-panel Video [wmv])


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