I want to thanks Dan and Shelly Mielke, owners of Crossfit Rancho Cucamunga, for letting me workout with them last night!  Dan is a firefighter also, and his wife did some seasonal times with CALFIRE back in the day.  They welcomed me in and let me workout with them and it was great!  Again, i get amazing at the worldwide crossfit community and the way people act towards fellow crossfitters.  They talk about crossfitters being a tribe.  I do agree with this!  I would say we are all definitely an extended tribe for sure.  Now, we are a tribe!  Our group........all of you Infernites.......we are on the same team.  Whether you have been here for 2 years or you have been here for 1 week, we are all part of the same tribe.  This isn't because we are all best friends.  Its because we are a group of people all on the same quest for our Ultimate Level of Fitness and we are all taking the same path, sharing blood, sweat and tears while we WOD it up.  We have a very special group here.  Embrace your group!!!!!  Viva Infernites!!!!


__________________________ DSCN2961

"I Explode!"

Inferno Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


7 rounds

10 reps Clean Pulls (80% of 1RM)

15 reps Full Squat Jumps to 1' above your outreached hand

200m Sprint

*Clean Pull is the first pull of a Clean in which you pull the weight from the ground and explosively open your hips, shrug your shoulders and get the bar over your belly button while not pulling the weight up with your arms.  KEEP YOUR ARMS STRAIGHT!




Overhead Squat

30 reps of your Body Weight

*as few sets as possible to do it, or use do 1/2 your weight but do 50 reps.



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