Id like to congratulate Stephanie Kennedy, who used to travel 60 miles round trip to workout with us, for placing 3rd Place in the Women's Elite Class for the Orange Coast Throw-down that just finished yesterday.  Great job Steph!!!  And you are definitely making C3 Crossfit in Orcutt and the Inferno very proud!!!

For those of you in the CROSSFIT INFERNO PALEO CHALLENGE, i know there were some problems with the posting and then for some of you to even get on the group.  No one is knocked out of the challenge this week.  We will figure out these issues and get them ironed out!!  Remember, the Paleo diet is not a food restrictive diet.  It is a caloric restrictive diet by eating lower calorie and lower glycemic loaded foods.  So when you take those breads and grains out, make sure you are eating enough vegetables.  Dont just eat all fruit.  They are good yes but they are also MUCH higher in sugar than the fruit.  You will need to moderate this.  Also, make sure you are getting enough good fats in your intake so that you are sustained longer through the day.


__________________________ DSC_0002

"OC Throwdown WOD 1"

Inferno Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


7 Rounds: (15 min time limit)

4 reps Burpee Deadlift (155#, 105#)

3 reps Burpee Power Clean (155#, 105#)

2 reps Burpee Squat Clean (155#, 105#)

1 reps Burpee Clean and Jerk (155#, 105#)

*Burpees are done with your hands on the bar and you must touch your chest to the bar. Watch this video to see some studs going at it.  (Ronnie Teasdale, Max Fernandez, and Jeremy Kinnick) VIDEO




10 reps Partner 50m Sprints

* Do these sprint while pushing a partner.  Place hands on the middle of the back.  Partner is to give the sprinter a slight resistance by leaning back during the entire sprint.  These Sprints on are done on 1 minute and you will alternate between each sprint.  (10 min total time).


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