If you did not know, there is a competition that crowns the FITTEST man and woman in the world. Its called the CROSSFIT GAMES.  This year the winner of the GAMES will win $250,000!!! To get there, you have to get through a local Sectional Qualifier and a Regional Qualifier.  This year the Sectional Qualifier for the 2011 Crossfit Games will not be held at 1 specific location for each Section.  It will be a 6 week event in which you will need to complete a different WOD each week and have it validated either by a crossfit box or by video evaluation.  This will be different from last year.  I think it will allow MANY more people to have a shot in the competition.  And this means that all of you will have the chance to test your fitness against the rest of the world.  Now i know that some of you may feel like you aren't quite ready to win the Crossfit Games but this isnt about winning the Games.  Its about testing yourself.  We test ourselves each and everyday with the workouts we do.  And this is for ALL of our members!  Even our more senior members are encouraged to try it!  This year they have a 45-50 year old class, 50-55, year old class, 55-60, and 60+.  Just think.....EVERYONE can do it!!!  There will not be a Team event in the Sectionals but anyone who MIGHT be, or want to be on the Affiliate team, MUST first do the Sectional event and the top four people will help to Qualify a team to the Regionals.  Id love to see a ton of you do the Qualifiers.  What a great way for us to show the world what kind of amazing people we have here at the INFERNO.  And what a great way for us to rally and raise our team up!  Think about it you guys!  Lets start thinking about it and rallying people together to do this!!!!!  Ill keep keep you in the loop as i get information!!!


_________________________ IMG00065-20100928-1746#1

"Double Couplet"

Inferno Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


15-12-9-6-3 reps

Power Snatches (95#, 65#)





5-4-3-2-1 reps

Bar Muscle-Ups

50-40-30-20-10 reps

Double Unders

*alternate back and forth 5/50, 4/40, etc.  For Bar MU sub do 3:1 jumping pull-ups where you would pull up to your lower chest/upper stomach.  DU sub is 3:1 singles


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