The whole point of training with the INFERNO is not about losing weight, but you will.  Its not about getting bigger or tighter muscles, but you will. Its not about just getting tired or getting a good workout, but you will.  The GOAL of our training is to allow you to have a more FUNCTIONAL LIFE and to have that active life LONGER.  This is the big view of doing what we do.  We push you using functional movements and blur that line between strength and conditioning so that you are able to increase all 10 characteristics of fitness.  And this allows you to lead a more active life.  So now that you are more active, we want to let you know about more fun active activities out there.  So please check out the link "Hey Members, lets do something fun!!"  Here we have some new events listed.  Please check it regularly to see what fun things there are out there that you can do by yourself or that we can do as an INFERNO TEAM.  If you know of any fun local events, email them to us so we can post them as well!  Enjoy your life!!!!

CROSSFIT INFERNO PALEO CHALLENGE starts tomorrow!!!  Remember the lecture and pictures starts at 730pm.  So no training session will be at that time tomorrow.  If you have any questions, email us at


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"Lucky WOD 13"

Inferno Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


Push Jerk


*Take a warm-up set of about 10 reps or so, make the 1st set of 3 be about 60% of 1RM, then set 2 should be around 80% then your last 3 set should be over 90%. 




AMRAP in 6 minutes

9 reps Back Squats (155#, 105#)

7 reps Burpees

5 reps Push Jerks (155#, 105#)

*Take bar off the rack


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