How important is your diet?  Its all over the TV and health clubs everywhere talk about it.  Everyone is telling you what to eat, how much and why.  But do you really sit down and examine what, why and how much you should eat?  Nutrition is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle.  You can workout all you want but of you don't have the right fuel, you will only go so far.  Your nutrition doesn't just determine your weight. It determines certain diseases you end up with, whether or not you will have cardiac issues, whether you will have diabetes, whether or not you will have osteoporosis, whether you will have Alzheimer's, whether or not you will have multiple sclerosis and a tons of other things.  But it will also determine whether or not you get sick and if you do for how long, whether you will be able to lift more weight or run faster, whether you be active and functional into your much later years.  Here at the INFERNO we push whole foods, not processed.  We don't give you all the crap about fats being bad.  We tell you there are good fats and you NEED to eat them.  If you really want to ignite your life and your workouts, ask us about the food regimen we push.  It will change your whole world!!!!

CROSSFIT INFERNO PALEO CHALLENGE starts this Wednesday!  Are you ready?  This 8 week challenge will teach you about the Paleo diet and then show you what it will do for you and your life.  $30 gets you in.  Sign up this Wednesday during the 730pm class time.  Instead of class, we will be giving a lecture on the finer points of the Paleo diet.  Come with any questions!  We will then take the "Before Pictures" and get your email and send you the info to the group bulletin board.  Remember, the only way to get knocked out of the challenge is to not post your food each and every week.  That's all!!!  See you on Wednesday!!!!


_________________________ Well-Used-MedBall

"Galloping Med-Balls"

Inferno Warm-up x 3

Complete the following:


1200m Run with Med Ball (20#, 15#)

10 reps Deadlift (315#, 215#, or 70% of 1RM)

20 reps Med Ball Sit-ups (20#, 15#)

800m Run with Med Ball

10 reps Deadlift

20 reps Med Ball Sit-ups

400 m Run with Med Ball

10 reps Deadlift

20 reps Med Ball Sit-ups

*Med Ball Sit-ups are with DB anchored feet, you lay on your backand arms overhead holding Med Ball on the floor, do a sit up and touch the ball to your feet then lay back down touching the ball to the ground.




Max Ring dips in 1 min

*Do this 3 times with 1 minute rest between each round.  If scaling, scale enough to where you can get a minimum of 10 full range dips.

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